The Gray Whale Sanctuary in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico, is an important destination for ecotourism and marine conservation.
This sanctuary protects gray whales during their breeding and calving season, providing a safe refuge for these majestic creatures. Visitors have the unique opportunity to observe whales up close and learn about their behavior and habitat while promoting awareness of the importance of conserving these species and their marine environment. The sanctuary is a key piece in conservation efforts for marine life in the region and contributes significantly to the protection of gray whales and their ecosystem overall.


Grey Whale Watching

$3200 MXN
Discover the magic of gray whale watching in Magdalena Bay, offering an exciting and educational experience for visitors. During the tour, we’ll have the opportunity to observe whales in their natural habitat, often witnessing breaches, tail flukes, and other behaviors. We provide educational information about the biology and behavior of gray whales, as well as the importance of conserving their marine habitats.

Minimum 4 people required for the activity. Price per person.

What is included?

Transportation from La Paz
Food and non-alcoholic beverages

Information about conditions

Conditions to carry out the activity

What should I bring?


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